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Alternative Dispute Resolution is no longer an alternative process. ADR has now become one of the premier methods of resolving disputes, whether they arise in trade or commerce, business or family. It is now manifestly clear to both practitioners and legal educators that a comprehensive professional exposure to ADR is necessary to engage in cutting edge and high-quality law practice. Effective conflict resolution skills help consultants and professionals to prevent destructive conflicts and assist clients in managing and resolving disputes. Globalization and interdependence, as well as profound international conflict, make the theory and practice of alternative methods to resolve disputes increasingly important.

The time is ripe for a cross-disciplinary and skills intensive training programs to provide professionals and students with opportunities to study and practice sophisticated deal-making and dispute resolution. The training programs at IIAM offer the opportunity to learn what is necessary to become an effective negotiator, a skilful mediator, a talented mediation adviser/advocate, an efficient arbitrator or an effective arbitration lawyer/consultant.

To cater the requirements of various segments of people, IIAM conducts various courses, to suite your convenience and need. IIAM Training programs give you the flexibility to study what, when and how you want, so that it can fit your studies into your busy life. It gives you the freedom to split or combine various programs/modules, so as to fit it into your time availability and get the benefit of multiple programs.

The various programs offered by IIAM help you to participate in a new and exciting dimension of law practice giving a central role in the process of private adjudication and justice and establish a profession as Mediator or Arbitrator.. For more details on IIAM courses and training programs, mail to training@arbitrationindia.com

Professional Mediator Training Program

5-Days (40 hours) training program makes you a professional mediator. The highly interactive, skill-based course in negotiation and mediation provides opportunity to practice structured dispute resolution process and will assist to start your professional mediation practice.

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Certificate in International Mediation Advocacy

3-Days program imparts knowledge and skill in dispute management and mediation process making you a skilled mediation advocate and consultant. Comprehensive professional exposure taking you to a new area of specialized and high-quality law practice.

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Certificate in Commercial Arbitration

3-Days program provides the understanding of commercial arbitration, both ad-hoc and institutional and its role within the Indian and global legal system. It will provide a solid foundation for participants to represent in Arbitration as an Arbitrator or Arbitration Consultant.

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Certificate in Business Negotiation

3-Days program gives a thorough understanding of negotiation process and power. It helps participants to integrate innovative techniques into their work by learning techniques for creating value in negotiation and to use differences and disagreements to their advantage.

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