Qualifying Assessment Programs – Accreditation & IMI Certification

Internationally and Nationally trained Mediators are empanelled as Mediators in the IIAM website and PeaceGate App. As per the IIAM Mediator Accreditation System, Mediators are graded under different categories. IIAM Accreditation is given as per the grades and upgradation based on the IIAM Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP).

IIAM QAP also provides for accreditation for empanelment as mediators under IIAM or PeaceGate App for mediators trained by other recognised institutions.
As per the IIAM QAP, an IIAM Community Mediator (Grade-C), after completing 15 hours of mediation is eligible to be accredited as IIAM Certified Community Mediator. Similarly, an IIAM Commercial Mediator (Grade-B), after completing 25 hours of mediation is eligible to be accredited as IIAM Certified Commercial Mediator and after 75 hours as IIAM Certified Senior Commercial Mediator and after 200 hours as an IMI Certified Mediator (Grade-A). All certified mediators will have their Feedback Digest uploaded along with their profile in the IIAM website.

IIAM Certified Commercial Mediators and above will be eligible to become IIAM Reviewers. A Reviewer will act as a Mentor for junior mediators and will also be responsible for preparing the Feedback Digest of Mediators and for guiding them in any professional or ethical dilemmas. From among the Reviewers, the IIAM Mediator Disciplinary Committee is also formed, which will be responsible for the Mediators’ Conduct Assessment, enquiring into complaints on violation of IIAM Mediators’ Code of Professional Conduct by any Mediator.

IIAM also give accreditation for mediation advocates, based on the IIAM Qualifying Assessment Program (MA-QAP). An IIAM Accredited Mediation Advocate is enlisted in the PeaceGate App as IIAM Accredited Mediation Advocate, so that disputing parties can identify the appropriate advocate to advise and represent them in mediations.

You can also develop your professional career as a Mediator by opting the IIAM QAP. The IIAM Accreditation and QAP’s will be accessible on equal basis to all mediators regardless of their professional affiliations, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characterization. The Mediator accreditation will be purely based on evaluation under the respective QAP’s. Training or Orientation programs on mediation received by candidates, on equal rating with IIAM programs as accepted by IIAM, will entitle the mediator to apply under IIAM QAP’s.

IMI, formed for the purpose of certifying international standards for mediators and for implementing the Global Mediator Competency Certification, had launched its global mediator competency certification scheme in January 2009. This is an online scheme for enabling businesses and their advisers to find the world's most competent mediators by using an advanced search engine on the IMI web portal – www.imimediation.org

IIAM is the first institution in India approved by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) at the Hague, Netherlands, as a “Qualifying Assessment Programme” (QAP) for IMI Certification for international mediators. This is based on programs whose mediator training and assessment assertedly provides assurance of mediation experience and expertise worthy of IMI certification.

Accredited Mediators of IIAM will be eligible for empanelment with IMI, as per the IMI QAP. IMI Certification entitles Mediators to upload their Profile onto the IMI web portal and therefore to be recognized and included among the world's most competent mediators and be searchable by a vast number of users worldwide. This will give Mediators endorsed by IIAM a much greater opportunity to be appointed as mediator in international disputes.

To support young mediators and mediation advocates with finding opportunities to gain experience in the field of mediation, IMI has established the Young Mediators' Initiative (YMI). It is intended as a platform where young mediators and mediation advocates can contact each other, share knowledge, get in touch with organizations and network with competent mediators and mediation advocates to gain experience through shadowing, assistantships, internships, co-mediations and mentoring programs.

Accredited IIAM Mediators will be bound by the IIAM Mediators’ Code of Professional Conduct and IIAM Mediators’ Conduct Assessment Process.