IIAM Panel

IIAM maintain a panel of eminent Neutrals, like Arbitrators, Mediators and Negotiators, who are recognized for their integrity, impartiality, expertise, dispute resolution skills and reputation in their fields. Neutrals from diverse professional and cultural background are empanelled.

IIAM Arbitrators

Experienced persons from various fields are empanelled as IIAM Arbitrators. They sit as private judges, selected by the parties to the dispute. IIAM Arbitrators can be selected for ad-hoc arbitrations as well.

IIAM Mediators

Internationally and Nationally trained Mediators are empanelled as IIAM Mediators. IIAM Accreditation is given as per the grades and upgradation based on the IIAM Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP). As per the IIAM QAP, a Grade C mediator, after completing 15 hours of mediation is eligible to be accredited as a Certified Community Mediator. Similarly, a Grade B mediator after completing 25 hours of mediation is eligible to be accredited as a Certified Commercial Mediator and after 75 hours as a Certified Senior Commercial Mediator and after 200 hours as an IMI Certified Mediator (Grade A). All certified mediators will have their Feedback Digest uploaded along with their profile in the IIAM website. IIAM empanelled Mediators are bound by the Mediators’ Code of Professional Conduct.

IIAM is the approved institution by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) at the Hague, Netherlands for Experience Qualification Path for Mediators in India. IIAM is the only institution in India approved as a “Qualifying Assessment Programme” (QAP) for IMI Certification. IMI Certification entitles Mediators to upload their Profile onto the IMI web portal and therefore recognized and included among the world's most competent mediators and searchable by a vast number of users worldwide. This gives Mediators endorsed by IIAM a much greater opportunity to be appointed as mediator in international disputes.

IIAM International Panel

Apart from maintaining a panel of accredited mediators for domestic disputes, IIAM also provides international mediation service for business groups from India doing trade, business or investment abroad or multinational business groups doing trade, business or investment in India, by creating a panel of professional mediators representing various countries with respective language and cultural background.

IIAM International Mediation Services include deal mediations for making efficient business deals and dispute management systems or dispute mediations for amicable and effective dispute resolutions.