Professional Mediator Training Program

(Code: ITP05) (5 days: 40 hours)

Ever thought about entering the field of Professional Mediation? Are you really good with people and a very good listener? There is no specific academic qualification for a mediator. You have to be a person with a good repute and integrity with a sense of fairness and above all a passion for conflict resolution. You may be a retired teacher, judicial officer, banker, officer or a housewife. You may be a professional, like lawyer, engineer, company secretary, chartered accountant, clinical psychologist etc. You can start a new profession as a Mediator and start your professional practice from the comfort of your home. IIAM helps you to start your professional mediation practice through IIAM Affiliation. The entire Administrative back up service will be given by IIAM by providing virtual office assisting and guiding you on all mediations through the PeaceGate App . By becoming affiliated with IIAM, the uniform IIAM mediation standard, quality and competency services will apply giving credibility to your mediation practice.

Mediation has become one of the premier methods of resolving disputes in the commercial and business world, apart from family disputes. Mediation is not only about conflict and resolution; it is about maintaining relationship and adding value. In effect, dispute is treated as an opportunity to bring about a change in the existing status of the disputing parties, to make it better than they had before the dispute! This is possible with the skills of an excellent mediator.

The Professional Mediator Training Program, which is a 5-days (40 hours) program, combines the art and science of mediation through highly interactive, skill-based courses in negotiation and mediation. The program will enhance the understanding and ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts, as well as provide a solid foundation in the processes of a negotiator and mediator. The training covers the basic foundations for effective negotiation, understanding the bargaining style, setting goals and nurturing relationships critical to negotiation success. The training explores underlying negotiation orientations and strategies and how they are confronted and employed by mediators. The program focuses on the structure, process, technique and goals of mediation process and the skills and preparation mediators use to aid parties in overcoming barriers to dispute resolution. It also gives an overview on the structured process of online mediation and how to conduct mediation through the PeaceGate App, structuring the entire process of mediation. The training also gives emphasis on the code and ethical standards of mediation. Experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers introduce you to the theory and concepts of mediation and provide participants with the opportunity to practice this structured dispute resolution process through a series of interactive presentations, role play simulations, real life case studies and discussions, making them effective negotiators and skilled mediators.

As per IIAM Mediator Accreditation System, a candidate having successfully completed Professional Mediator Training Program is categorised as a Commercial Mediator (Grade-B) and will be eligible for empanelment as IIAM Mediator and also under the PeaceGate App as a mediator attached with a Centre or as an online mediator, subject to the norms of empanelment. By empanelling as an online mediator, you enlarge your jurisdiction throughout India. By completing this unique program, IIAM will assist you to start your professional mediation practice through IIAM Affiliation. Moreover, if you have a centre, it can be affiliated to IIAM or if you have a space to conduct mediation, you can be an IIAM Approved Access Point. The Affiliated Mediation Centre (AMC) or the Approved Mediation Access Point (AMAP) and Mediator’s profile will be integrated in the App for availing mediation service by users. The Mediator can upgrade to various certification levels leading to IMI Certification through the IIAM Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP). On gaining experience the Mediator can also become a Reviewer, who will act as a Mentor for junior Mediators and also prepare Feedback digests of Mediators.

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Rs. 45,000.00 (Indian participants) | US$ 750.00 (NRI participants & participants from SAARC Region) | US$ 845.00 (Foreign participants) + 18% GST
(Fee includes Training material, IIAM Mediation Rules, IIAM Mediators’ Professional Code of Conduct and the IIAM Mediators’ Conduct Assessment Process, coffee/snacks for breaks and lunch for 5 days.)

♦ Participants are responsible for their own hotel/hostel reservation. In case the participant requires assistance for identifying or booking accommodation, feel free to contact IIAM.

♦ For cancellation and refund policy, please refer the application form.