PeaceGate App

PEACEGATE is a first of its kind App launched by IIAM. It can be used to start communicating with a person with whom you have a dispute. If the other person refuses to communicate or if the communication fails, you can refer the matter for mediation to an online mediator or can search the nearby mediation centres and register the dispute. You can look at the mediators available, see their feedback digest to know about them and then choose them. The Invite to mediate will be issued to the other party also by the App. You can interact with the mediator in scheduling the sessions, fixing the meetings etc.

You can also sign the Pledge to Mediate, open Time Banking Account, specify the type of services you can offer, request services that you need, manage the Time account, redeem your time etc. through PeaceGate. You can also become a member of the People’s Mediation Society.

PeaceGate will also guide the mediators to conduct mediation as per the approved process and helps the mediator to issue reports and certificates. The App will also allow the parties to enter their feedback about the mediator and the process, or in case of any complaint against the mediator on account of ethical issues or violation of code of conduct to invoke the conduct assessment process.

Download your PeaceGate App today! You can also use PeaceGate through web-platform

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