IIAM Pledge to Mediate

Recognizing that the empowerment to resolve disputes amicably and voluntarily is an expression of civil maturity, the India International ADR Association (IIADRA) in association with IIAM has formulated “Pledge to Mediate” among companies and organisations as part of promoting best governance and speedy justice. IIAM and IIADRA invite all organisations and companies in India to become signatories of this Pledge. By doing so, the signatory makes a public, policy statement indicating its commitment to the promotion of amicable settlement of disputes.


The pledge is cost-free and not legally binding. Organisations stand to benefit from the following vital outcomes:

Expression of Corporate Governance - A well defined system of dispute resolution and crisis management would demonstrate a competent in-house management system.

Goodwill Generation - Resolution of disputes amicably through mediation improves mutual understanding, resulting in transforming potential crisis into strengthened relationships and continued business opportunities.

Creative Solutions - Parties obtain value-added outcomes that go beyond financial remedies to meet their real commercial interests.

Cost Benefit - Mediating disputes can potentially avoid high costs of litigation and the risks associated with it.

The Pledge contains the following actions:

♣ Considering mediation as a first resort to resolve its disputes with other persons or organisations;

♣ Inserting a mediation clause in its agreements and forms, whenever appropriate;

♣ Displaying its name as a signatory to the Pledge on the IIADRA and IIAM websites;

♣ Placing the Mediation Pledge logo on its website, hyperlinked to IIADRA/IIAM websites.

You can become a signatory by signing Mediation Pledge Form and sending the same to IIAM or IIADRA. We will place your name and logo in the website and will send you the Pledge logo, which can be placed in your website. If you need a Certificate of Signatory to the Pledge, which can be displayed in your office, please contact dpm@arbitrationindia.com

IIAM has also initiated establishing “People’s Mediation Centres” under the IIAM Community Mediation Service, in association with the People’s Mediation Society. The members of the Society volunteers to sign a “Pledge to Mediate”, by which they would consider mediation as the first option to resolve their disputes with other persons, recognizing that the empowerment to resolve disputes amicably and voluntarily is an expression of civil maturity.