Certificate in International Mediation Advocacy & Dispute Management

(Code: ITP06) (3 days)

Mediation has developed into a mainstream dispute resolution process for commercial disputes. Business and commercial mediation has developed into a sophisticated form of managed negotiation, where the resolution has to satisfy the needs and interests of the parties and help to build great relationships. It has grown beyond the skills of the mediators alone.

In commercial mediation, the lawyer could play an active and useful role – he can assist his client throughout the process, by a problem-solving approach, usually in a collaborative and constructive manner, towards a consensus-building, satisfying and value-added outcome.

Beyond knowing the client’s case, the mediation advocate must know the client’s wider commercial, financial, social relationship or any other factors that drive him towards or away from a resolution. Lawyers are normally trained to focus narrowly on a formatted case, regulated by the process of the court. Mediation forces them to take a much wider view, and adopt an approach for which they have to be trained beyond their lawyering skills. By effective mediation advocacy, the lawyer will have the knowledge and skill to bring the parties within the “trading zone” and guide the parties which will meet both sides’ interest.

The changing role of a lawyer as a dispute resolution specialist, bringing in specialist representation in mediation has raised the standard, credibility and acceptance of mediation. Mediation Advocacy is becoming popular and a comprehensive professional exposure to mediation advocacy is considered necessary to engage in a specialized and high-quality corporate law practice. The competency of the parties’ advocates in mediation is widely recognized as a crucial factor in securing the best possible settlements. Mediation Advocates not only help clients to get resolution of their disputes in their best interests, but also helps them to find options for dispute avoidance. Mediation Advocacy Division is considered as an essential pre-requisite for any client-friendly law firm.

The Certificate in International Mediation Advocacy & Dispute Management, which is a 3-day program jointly conducted by IIAM and SCMA London (Standards and Competencies in Mediation Advocacy). The program offers the opportunity to learn what is necessary to become a skilled mediation adviser/advocate. Experienced and highly knowledgeable national and international trainers, including IMI Certified Mediators Andrew Goodman, Anil Xavier and Iram Majid, introduce you to the theory and concepts that form the basis of mediation advocacy practice and dispute management. The course provides participants with the opportunity to practice this structured dispute resolution process through a series of interactive presentations, role play simulations, real life case studies and discussion groups. The training merges highly interactive, skill-based courses in negotiation and mediation. It covers the role of the lawyer in the pre-mediation, mediation and post-mediation processes and professional and technical skills required for advising and representing clients in mediation and related dispute resolution processes. The training also gives emphasis on the code and ethical standards of mediation.

Key learning objectives will include:

♦ Promoting mediation advocacy as an essential tool in legal practice;
♦ Preparing for cross-border, multi-national or multi-party mediation and cross-cultural approaches to mediating outside your jurisdiction;
♦ Preparing for mediation – Identifying risk and reward in mediation and tips to meet client need and options for client gain;
♦ Managing Disputes through Mediation Advocacy and deriving significant fee income from professional practice.

On successful completion of the Program, the candidate will be eligible to be accredited as an IIAM Accredited Mediation Advocate under the relevant Qualifying Assessment Program (MA-QAP). For enabling disputing parties to identify the appropriate advocate/advisor to advise and represent them in mediations, they would be enlisted under the PeaceGate App , subject to the norms of enlistment, thereby enlarging the scope of practice throughout India.

More about SCMA, London

The Standards and Competencies in Mediation Advocacy (SCMA) is a multi disciplinary cross-professional initiative of practitioners established to promote and deliver best practice, standards, competencies and professional excellence in mediation advocacy through individual and corporate training consultancy services and commercial activities. It is a Civil Mediation Council registered civil/commercial mediation training provider, an accredited International Mediation Institute (IMI) and Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors (AMATI) training provider, and a Bar Standards Board advocacy CPD provider.

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Rs. 35,000.00 (Indian participants) | US$ 580.00 (NRI participants & participants from SAARC Region) | US$ 650.00 (Foreign participants) + 18% GST
(Fee includes Training material, IIAM Mediation Rules, IIAM Mediators’ Professional Code of Conduct and the IIAM Mediators’ Conduct Assessment Process, coffee/snacks for breaks and lunch for 3 days.)

♦ Participants are responsible for their own hotel/hostel reservation. In case the participant requires assistance for identifying or booking accommodation, feel free to contact IIAM.

♦ For cancellation and refund policy, please refer the application form.