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25-29 March 2019, Kochi, India

Are you interested to become a Commercial Mediator or a specialist Dispute Resolution Practitioner? With the rise in the volume of business, dispute resolutions and enforcement have also increased. Mediation has become an undeniable part of the legal landscape. Domestic and international business community is increasingly incorporating mediation as the primary method of dispute resolution. A trained mediator / professional helps in assisting the parties in identifying and clarifying shared interests, shared needs, individual interests and individual needs. The mediator guides the parties toward solutions that are workable and longstanding. Effective conflict resolution skills is the key to prevent destructive conflict, enabling lawyers and consultants to better assist their clients in business deals and disputes. Mediation has become a truly global profession, earning international recognition. The IIAM Mediation Training Program combines the theory of ADR through highly interactive, skill-based courses in negotiation and mediation.

The program will be for 40 hours conducted in 5 days, during 25-29 March 2019 (Monday to Friday) at Cochin, Kerala, India.

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25-26 March 2019, Kochi, India

The program helps you to learn strategic negotiation framework which will enable you to take total control of your negotiation environment no matter how complex the situation. It is designed to provide a thorough understanding of negotiation process, power and how this impacts on people, thereby learning techniques for creating value in negotiation.

The program will be for 15 hours conducted in 2 days, during 25-26 March 2019 (Monday | Tuesday) at Cochin, Kerala, India.

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11-13 April 2019, Kochi, India

The program provides knowledge and an appreciation of commercial arbitration and its role within the Indian legal system. The program will provide a solid foundation for participants to represent in Commercial Arbitration as an Arbitration Lawyer and as an Arbitrator.

The program will be for 24 hours conducted in 3 days, during 11-13 April 2019 (Thursday - Saturday), at Cochin, Kerala, India

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Seminars & Conferences

IIAM conducts Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Law Lectures on topics of current legal importance related to ADR. This is to create awareness among professionals, corporates and public about the latest trends and development in the field of ADR.

IIAM also conducts National and International Seminars in association with Academic or Industry partners on the subject of ADR or other related topics. IIAM also endorses programs related to ADR conducted by reputed organisations.

For further details or for partnering with IIAM; mail to: conferences@arbitrationindia.com