People’s Mediation Centres

IIAM partners with People’s Mediation Society (PMS) – a charitable society formed for the purpose of promoting mediation and empowering people towards sustainable development and creating a harmonious society – for establishing People’s Mediation Centres (PMCs) in all parts of the country, under the IIAM Community Mediation Service. Under this concept the PMCs are established by the local community, whereby they own, manage and administer the Centres, giving them a strong foundation for empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence.

The members of the Society volunteers to sign a Pledge to Mediate, by which they would consider mediation as the first option to resolve their disputes with other persons, recognizing that the empowerment to resolve disputes amicably and voluntarily is an expression of civil maturity. Once a member signs the Pledge and joins the PMS, they can open the PMC Time Banking Account, whereby they choose what services they would like to offer through the PMC and can earn “Time Credits” for the service they provide. PMC not only allows us to empower ourselves and take charge of our capacity to resolve our disputes, it also rekindles the age-old pattern of give and take to reweave the healthy families and communities that everything else depends on. This makes the “People’s Mediation Centre” a genuine people movement!

The partnership is intended to contribute to the happiness and harmony of the community and increase the social capital and restore value system in the society. The system hopes to become a vehicle for creating a loving and caring world.

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