IIAM is of the view that enormous amount of industrial and economic prosperity is the need of the hour. But no amount of prosperity is either possible or worthwhile, if it is not accompanied by social infrastructure, one of which is a good legal system and an efficient dispute redressal mechanism, which provide the citizenry the assurance that they live under the protection of an efficient legal regime.

It is the vision of IIAM that an effective preventive dispute management practice and risk management tool will pre-empt and avoid 50 – 70% of the litigation. The interest of IIAM is to provide a program for preventive procedures that substantially reduce, if not wholly eliminate, potential litigation.

IIAM Dispute Prevention and Management Services was launched nationally by the Chief Justice of India on 17th January 2009.

IIAM believes that good governance is the expression of proper legal compliance by individuals, corporate and institutions. The entire of Legal compliance by the community will create harmony and peace in the society with lesser conflicts, tensions and litigations.