People's Mediation Centres

IIAM has launched the concept of establishing People’s Mediation Centres (PMCs) in all parts of the country, under the IIAM Community Mediation Service, partnering with People’s Mediation Society (PMS) – a charitable society formed for the purpose of promoting mediation and empowering people towards sustainable development and creating a harmonious society.

Under this concept, a member of the community who opt to sign the Pledge to Mediate, can open a PeaceGate Time Bank Account and/or become a member of the PMS. Once a fixed number of people have opened the Time Bank Account or become members of PMS, PMS would open and administer “People’s Mediation Centre” in such locality, either directly or in partnership with other institutions, organisations etc., which would provide people the space for resolving their conflicts. The mediators for such centres are selected from the community. PMCs are owned, managed or administered by the members, giving them a strong foundation for empowerment, self-sufficiency and independence.

IIAM has launched the PeaceGate App, by which a member of the communitycan sign the “Pledge to Mediate”, open the “Time Bank Account” or become a “PMS Member”.

PMC and Time Banking hopes to restore the seriously depleted social capital and bring in a broad-based social movement to restore civic virtue and civic participation. Today virtually people are more disconnected from one another. Researches show how social capital, or its absence, affects the well-being of individuals, organizations, and nations. Economic studies demonstrate that social capital makes nations more prosperous, psychological research indicates that abundant social capital makes individuals less prone to depression and more inclined to help others, sociology experiments suggest that social capital reduces crime. Thus, it is becoming increasingly clear that social capital has an enormous array of practical benefits to individuals and to communities.

PMC and Time Banking not only allow us to empower ourselves and take charge of our capacity to resolve our disputes, it also rekindles the age-old pattern of give and take to reweave the healthy families and communities that everything else depends on. Thus, it becomes a genuine people movement, changing the future, changing the culture of conflict!

The partnership is intended to contribute to the happiness and harmony of the community and increase the social capital and restore value system in the society. The system hopes to become a vehicle for creating a loving and caring world.

The concept of PMC was officially launched on 14th July 2018 by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Madan B. Lokur, Judge – Supreme Court of India. As the first phase, 25,000 people signed the “Pledge to Mediate” and 5 People’s Mediation Centres were established in Kerala, which started functioning from 17th July 2018 – the “International Justice Day”.

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