IIAM International Arbitral Award Writing Competition

Arbitration has developed into a premier dispute resolution process worldwide. IIAM’s mission is not only to provide the best services as an institute to resolve commercial disputes through arbitration and mediation, but also to develop the culture, standard and professionalism of arbitration and mediation as credible dispute resolution mechanisms. The best way to achieve the said objective is by nurturing the idea of ADR as credible and leading dispute resolution process in international scenario, in young minds through academic mediums and competitions.

The "IIAM International Arbitral Award Writing Competition" is launched by IIAM to generate interest in arbitration and to bring out the best talents in the field and to create a strong foundation to create better future arbitrators and arbitration lawyers. The competition aims to give law students a platform to execute both inventive litigating and creative judging. Participants are urged to recapitulate the craft of making arbitral award within the framework of law and by analysing the factual matrix, by looking at the various circumstances and by interpreting the contract, so as to insulate from any challenge that it may have to face in future. The best part of this is the research and hard work involved, which if used efficiently will bring out the best of individual students.

Competition Guidelines:

1. The competition shall be open for all the students currently pursuing Undergraduate, Postgraduate or PhD in law or equivalent courses recognised by any University across the World;

2. The participation is allowed for single author and permissible up to one co-author, provided separate registration is made by each co-author;

3. The co-authors can be from the same or different University/College;

4. Registration fee: Rs. 300.00 [Inclusive of GST]

5. The awards received as submissions lies within the prerogative of the judging panel and shall also have authority to reject any submission on grounds of plagiarism or do not meet the guidelines herein mentioned;

6. The submission shall also be summarily rejected if participant discloses his/her name in any part of the award.

Submission Guidelines:

1. The format of the Award shall be in the following chronological order:

• Cover Page: The cover page must include the name of the competition, name of the parties and the name of the student author(s).
• Statement of Facts
• Issues in Dispute
• Arguments from the Claimant and the Respondent
• Analysis of the Disputed Issues
• Decision and Award

2. The Award must be submitted in both Microsoft Word and PDF format.

3. The Entry must be typewritten. Font: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5 and justified alignment; proper page numbering should be inserted. Margins: 1 inch on all sides. The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (20th Ed.) or any other consistent format of citations to be followed. All footnotes must be in Times New Roman, size 10, single-spacing and justified.

4. The manuscript should be accompanied with a covering letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number and e-mail for future reference. The name of participant must not be disclosed in any part of the award.

5. The participants have to submit their Awards on or before November 30, 2020 by emailing it to delhi@arbitrationindia.com

6. The subject should read: “Submission of Award – Name of the Author(s)”.

7. The attachment should be titled “Award – Name of the Author(s)”.

Evaluation Criteria:

(a) Originality
(b) Critical Analysis and Appreciation of Facts
(c) Persuasiveness
(d) Analysis of Arguments
(e) Use of Relevant Authorities
(f) Overall Quality of Writing

Categories of Prizes:

1. First Prize (Award for the side of the Claimant) – INR 7500.00 and Certificate of Merit
2. First Prize (Award for the side of the Respondent) – INR 7500.00 and Certificate of Merit
3. Second Prize (Award for the side of the Claimant) – INR 5000.00 and Certificate of Merit
4. Second (Award for the side of the Respondent) – INR 5000.00 and Certificate of Merit
5. Top 10 participants (5 from the side of claimant & 5 from the side of respondent) including the recipients of 1st and 2nd Prize shall be awarded Certificate of Merit and the awards shall be compiled in the form of handbook and shall be published.
6. All the participants shall be awarded with Certificate of Participation.

Important Dates:

1. Release of Rules and Competition Problem: September 18, 2020
2. Last Date for seeking Clarifications of doubts: October 12, 2020
3. Release of Clarifications, if any: October 15, 2020
4. Last Date for Registration: October 19, 2020
5. Last Date of Award Submission: November 30, 2020
6. Declaration of Results: January 01, 2021

Registration fee & Application:

  • Registration fee: Rs. 300.00 [Inclusive of GST]

  • Download Application Form

  • Competition Problem

  • Payment by Bank Transfer
  • Participants are required send the application form duly filled by email at – delhi@arbitrationindia.com | Tel: 011-41630997 / 79660105