Membership APCAM

IIAM is one of the founding members of APCAM (Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation), which is an international ADR centre formed jointly by about ten arbitration and mediation centres from the Asia-Pacific countries, which host APCAM centres in their respective countries.

APCAM caters the requirement of international and cross-border business disputes, and help the business community to resolve their international commercial and business disputes by mediation or arbitration under a single set of Mediation and Arbitration Rules and with a uniform fee structure in all the member countries to minimize the hassle of adhering to different laws or fees of different institutions. APCAM also empanels a common panel of international mediators and arbitrators, with uniform accreditation system from all the countries, which would help the parties to experience uniform high-standard practice, bringing credibility and professionalism of mediators and arbitrators. Setting the world of dispute resolution in a different path!

IIAM is the APCAM Centre for India and conducts all international mediation and arbitration under the APCAM Mediation and Arbitration Rules.

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