Pravasi Dispute Resolution – Solutions for Non-resident Indians

For the very first time in history, an attempt is made to connect the Indian diaspora living around the world! No country has ever endeavoured to connect their population living globally in such a manner ever! A centralised platform is opened up, which will provide the Indian diaspora a unique outlet to share their cultural practices and ideals with each other. Despite being immigrants in a foreign country, such an outlet will enable them to realize themselves in the context of their culture, and stave off the feelings of detachment.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs’ Report, there are 32 million Indians residing abroad. Overseas Indians, officially known as non-resident Indians (NRIs) or persons of Indian origin (PIOs), are people of Indian birth, descent or origin who live outside the Republic of India. To connect with such a large group is a colossal feat!

The Indian community is known for its diverse culture and traditions, but the complexity of such culture may not always translate well in other countries. Heeding to the specific needs of Indian parties, pertaining to their cultural legacies, will help preserve the unique and complex culture of Indians abroad and prevent them from feeling misunderstood and alienated. The purpose of this initiative is the integration of communities and the promotion of camaraderie and brotherhood among people of Indian origin.

Mediation and arbitration as dispute resolution methods are popular for being less hostile and faster than other means of resolution processes, hence the use of such methods will solve disputes faster while still maintaining unity within the community.

IIAM in association with Peacegate is creating a common online platform uniting the Indian diaspora to connect with each other in resolving their disputes amicably. This is ideal because, whether it is family disputes or business disputes, it will be resolved by professionals who understand the particular cultural nuances that underlie each disagreement. In addition to the culturally apposite services granted, NRI’s all over the world will have access to accredited professionals with experience in commercial matters, who also share common languages and experiences with them. It provides facility for Mediation before Arbitration, granting disputants yet another opportunity to deescalate conflicts and sustain relationships. NRI’s will also have access to APCAM centres (Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation) and facilities, located all over the Asia-Pacific countries, for any cross-border or international disputes.

This is done in collaboration with different Indian Associations abroad. The collaboration manifests establishing Mediation Centres in the Associations itself at the respective countries, so as to provide mediators with same cultural background, bringing back the nostalgic system of family/elder assistance enjoyed by Indian families for resolving family problems in India. In the olden days the society was more connected and the relationships were more caring and people had the time to help and take care of persons. But when people became busy with their work and lifestyles and when they became more urbanized, we lost such values. We always hoped that someone will support us in resolving our disputes early. Fortunately, we have a large number of highly eminent and respectable elder Indian population in all these countries who are willing to contribute some of their time to work as Mediators, making them peace builders in the community. As the saying goes, “The years teach much; which the days never knew,” there can be no better qualification than the wisdom of old age. About 50% of the diaspora population are first generation immigrants; their first-hand knowledge of cultural nuances and its interaction with foreign cultures can hardly be manufactured or replicated synthetically. Hence, they will be the best mediators of such culturally heavy disputes. Their experience and background would make them competent mediators and with required training would make them professional mediators. IIAM helps them to become professional mediators and place them globally for selecting them as mediators for disputes in any part of the globe.

This initiative will bring an increased amount of confidence in the system of dispute resolution for relationship disputes and commercial disputes and it will improve the chances of reaching peaceable solutions.

In order to better facilitate such cultural learning and sharing, this collaboration also includes a Time-banking provision. Time bank is basically a concept where a network of people agrees to give and receive credits for services that other members will provide. The way it works is, when you offer someone a service for an hour, you get one credit in your time bank. Then, you may spend this one credit by availing the services of someone else for one hour. Such a conception will allow people to share specific cultural traits, like teaching yoga, classical dance, singing, or even cooking Indian food. People can exchange their personal cultural knowledge with others, and others can avail the benefit of learning it by contributing something themselves. Such novel use of technology will create a new form of cultural interaction that will yield results based on mutual cooperation and understanding; a compassionate form of give and take. For more details on Time Banking, click here

Thus the collaboration facilitates the integration of the Indian diaspora with their cultural traditions through managing and resolving disputes through mediation and arbitration and with novel projects like Time-Banking, and also providing a new option for the elder community to start a new career of peacemaking professionally.

And the most important feature of this collaboration is that the entire concept of dispute resolution and time banking can be availed by the click of a button in your smart phone, wherever you are! This can be used in the most user-friendly manner, using the Peacegate App ( The ease of access to solutions will entice users to favour mediation or arbitration over other hostile methods of adjudication, which will prevent bitterness and rancour from taking hold of relationships within the community.

The program helps to overcome obstacles and divisions by building relationships between people and bridges between groups. They help people solve problems, facilitate dialogues, train people in mediation and facilitation skills and keep people out of conflicts. This initiative also help people to do service under the innovative scheme of Time Banking, which is a tried and tested concept in places like Switzerland. This is a movement to create a loving and caring world and making the pravasi Indians, model global citizens who promote harmony in the community they live!

The collaboration is intended to promote peace and harmony within the Indian diaspora and with the people they interact and live with. It also opens up the opportunity to be useful to the society and to build up their passion and develop a new and satisfying career.

Download your PeaceGate App today and take control in the way you want to resolve your disputes! Convert disputes to opportunities!

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