Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala was hit by a natural calamity of huge intensity during August 2018. The calamity caused immeasurable misery and devastation to a vast population. Kerala was battered and bruised and is facing an unprecedented crisis, the aftermath of the worst-floods in 100 years!

More than 3 lakhs homes were destroyed, apart from the loss of more than 300 lives, 10,000 kms of roads, innumerable infrastructure and assets. More than 7.5 lakh people were displaced in relief camps. It requires huge amount of resources and efforts to rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of affected people. Kerala needs support from the whole of India. It is said that it will take 10 years to recover!

It is the duty of all of us to share the burden and help the affected people to get them back to life. It is the collective responsibility of a civilized society.

IIAM on its part contributed a little bit in soothing the suffering of our compatriots. The People’s Mediation Centres (PMCs), in the affected areas were converted as Relief Coordination Centres and the mediators and volunteers associated with the Centres helped and coordinated in rehabilitating the affected people back to their homes. IIAM Members, Mediators and Arbitrators all over India and abroad came forward to contribute to this cause.

IIAM took up the cause of providing students under CBSE syllabus, who had lost their books in the Flood affected areas. Books were given free to 874 students from various schools, who had registered through the PMC’s.

We thank all of you in helping us to complete this task and stand with Kerala in the time of calamity. Your support did make a difference in the lives of those who needed our support. Your contribution made a lot of difference!

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