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IIAM Community Mediation Service

IIAM Community Mediation Service (IIAM CMS) with the motto; “Resolving conflicts; promoting harmony” was launched nationally by the Chief Justice of India. It is intended to contribute to the happiness and harmony of the community. The mission is to bring justice to the doorsteps of the people. People would get a platform near home to settle their cases without the trappings of a court. Through a system that resolves disputes before it requires adjudication, it is hoped the legal system will be freed up to deal with more serious cases. It is intented to build Mediation into the fabric of institutionalized dispute resolution methods. It will provide neutral and safe dispute resolution opportunities through which individuals are empowered to work collaboratively to develop creative and mutually agreeable solutions to conflicts.


The IIAM Community Mediation Service is endorsed by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) at the Hague, Netherlands, which is formed to generate confidence in and much enhanced understanding and usage of the mediation process among businesses and other disputants by encouraging high standards of training, by certifying high competency standards of mediators throughout the world.

IIAM CMS can address the following issues:

  • diverting cases from court;
  • building bridges between communities; and
  • transforming society into a more tolerant, understanding people.


Setting up of IIAM Community Mediation Clinics in all districts of each state with a view to mediate all disputes will bring about a profound change in the Indian Legal system. Conflict management programs with the formation of such clinics will serve to defray tensions in societies and prevent them from erupting into violence.

The objective is to recognize that the resolution of protracted conflict is untenable and the very best mediation can hope to do is to bring about a transformation of the value systems of disputants, so as to achieve a change in the hearts and minds of people that in turn deescalates violence and encourages community to manage difference peacefully. The intention is to create a culture of resolving conflicts in collaborative method founded on traditions of dialogue, interests and needs, rather than resolving disputes through adversarial processes. Community mediation also helps in restorative justice through its variety approaches and restoring the offender in community by giving correctional practice thereby giving everyone a second chance. Sometimes victims of crime need answers and apologies more than they need to know perpetrators are being punished; and sometimes offenders need to find out just who they’ve hurt to realize what they’ve done is wrong. There is no conflict without emotion. There can be no resolution of a conflict without addressing the underlying emotions that gave rise to it and sustained it. While getting the two sides together to talk is not a normal part of the judicial process, mediation makes it possible. Restorative justice, particularly community mediation programs, help victims heal.

It is also intended to empower people, especially the oppressed sections of society and women to participate in the prevention and early intervention of conflicts as an alternative to institutional mechanisms. At the heart of the early community mediation movement is the principle of democratic participation, drawing on people rights and responsibilities and the involvement of networks of community organizations.

The program has the potential to shape powerful conflict transformation partnerships. Such approaches often have the power to heal even profound social wounds, so that the system can become a vehicle for creating a loving and caring world. With the right support this can expand sufficiently to meet pressing community needs for conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

These Mediation clinics would function with an efficient team of mediators who are selected from the local community itself. The people so selected would be trained by IIAM, and a certificate of recognition would be issued. The mediators so selected will be persons who shall be having a good repute in the local area to whom people shall have faith and shall include educated youth, ladies and elders.

The theme "Talk it Out, Not Fight it Out" is an attempt to portray the essence of mediation in real life situations.

The mission of IIAM Mediation Clinics:

  • Utilizing law as a modality for healing and helping, not only for resolving problems;
  • Focusing on the future and reconciling relationships — listening, forgiving, completing, and moving on — rather than simply looking to the past and punishing transgressions;
  • Believing in peace-making.

Partnering with IIAM Community Mediation Service:

To make our world a safe, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous place to live, Corporate houses, Associations, Business groups or NGO’s can make an important contribution by adopting the Community Mediation Clinics or contributing towards the service. As a business opportunity and simultaneously to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, they can adopt a long term approach in partnering with IIAM for a long term process of positive social transition.

The IIAM Community Mediation Service, which is a clearly defined mission and a vision statement combined with a sound implementation strategy and a plan of action firmly rooted in ground realities, can be developed in close collaboration as implementation partners, as part of a successful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. A coherent CSR strategy based on integrity, sound values and long term approach offers clear business benefits to companies and contributes to the well being of society. As David Putnam has put it, it would work as a Social capital, which would be networks of cooperation in which people invest and from which they may ultimately derive benefits.

IIAM is also offering the IIAM Community Mediation Service to Indian communities abroad.

We welcome you to partner with this exiting experiment of bringing justice between man and man in a society which is tending more and more towards strife and friction, by becoming a member of the Mediation Committee and partnering in establishing Community Mediation Clinics.

Partner with us to create a loving and caring world.

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