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The Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) is providing alternative dispute resolution services. Services available through IIAM include negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, settlement conferences etc.

IIAM provide facilities for international and domestic commercial arbitration, mediation and conciliation and maintain a panel of arbitrators and mediators for arbitration and mediation / conciliation. IIAM provide professional mediation services for transnational business deals and disputes by respective regional mediators.

IIAM offers service of negotiation and mediation for disputes and for deal making  and provide nationally and internationally trained and accredited negotiators and mediators, empanelled with IIAM.

IIAM in partnership with corporates, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, offers Mediation Clinics as part of IIAM Community Mediation Service.

IIAM aids and assists parties in designing and structuring ADR clauses or hybrid-clauses tailored to fit particular situations to have effective dispute resolution processes for resolving disputes in a time bound manner.

IIAM Services can be initiated by members or non-members. 

Initiating IIAM Services like Mediation, Conciliation, Settlement or Arbitration is based on IIAM Rules, which provide an easy and comprehensive procedure for parties to adopt.

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